Issue I – Summary


Hiding or Adding Beauty?

The Sky.


Colours of Milan Fashion Week.


Color: Black.

Two Looks.


Joie de la Couleur.

India, The Jewel

Special Thanks to:

Liana Congedo, Alessandra Di Maio, Katiuscia Cortesi, Mariasole Nocella, Annachiara Esposito,, Napolicreativa, Cristina Vacca, Michele Di Giovanni, gli Ioscriviani, the guy who discovered coffee (whoever you were I’d be DEAD by now if it wasn’t for you ndA.) anyone who supported our work and interacted with us on Facebook, Twitter, Model Mayhem, Google+1 and anyone who made our work more difficult or even tried to sabotage it as well. We made up a great , yet exhausting, experience and we had the chance to collect great images and meet so many different kind of people. We hope to receive and deserve this kind of attention for all the issues to come! 🙂


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