Profile Picture: “Elements” by Photominimal

One great chance that our website is giving to us is to hear from talented people from all over the world. Today we introduce you, in a new column, Photominimal and his remarkable work:

About you and your work:

I believe in something I call minor photography. What this means is that I want to make quiet pictures. Creating these kinds of images means working in natural light, and using very few props. I am mostly an analog photographer. I enjoy both the look, and the process, of working with film and instant cameras. I like the way that film slows me down and forces me to think more carefully about what I’m doing.

In one way, most of my photographs are saturated by the element of time. Many of my pictures do not belong in the here and now. At the same time, I am not interested in simple nostalgia. There is too much nostalgia in the United States.

Why shooting Elements:

I am originally from the west coast of Canada. I grew up next to the ocean, in a place where it always seemed to be raining. I miss being near water like that. Now that I live in Tennessee, I have had to get used to earth. Part of that means paying attention to the ways in which the earth can hold and recombine the other elements. There is still water. There is air. And sometimes, there is fire.

Your favourite Element:


What are you going to do next:

My next project is to work with just one person, regularly, over several months. Maybe even a year, if I am lucky enough. It takes a lot of work to set up a shoot with a model, and so much effort goes into just getting to know a person, and learning how to feel comfortable with one another. Every time I begin a shoot with a new model, I am, in a sense, starting from the beginning. What I’d like to do is develop a body of work with one person, so that over time, our images will acquire a certain kind of emotional depth and tonality.

Where to follow your work:

 I am still thinking about what I want a website to do. So in the meantime, the best way to keep track of my work is to follow my Tumblr.

Photography: Photominimal//Polaroid Image Softtone.

Model: Sharon Okubo.


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