Profile Picture: Eva Mizer.

Finally , over a week of apparent silence ( and unprovoked flu explosion in the publishing unit), we are back with some great new works of art.

The place is New York and the artist is a young and creative lady we are letting to introduce herself with our interview and her work on elements, that we are proudly featuring.


My name is Eva Mizer and I take on life with reckless enthusiasm. My photography and retouching follows that. I find that I am usually tearing down the dark pathway in the jungle underbrush of retouching and photography. It’s a wild ride, and I love every moment of it, aside from the mosquito bites.

On why shooting about elements:

I started shooting elements by accident, but then again, some of the best things come from random diversions from the ordinary and expected. I was studying light one day and found a way to replicate the light of a bonfire. Before, I had always relied on stock photography of models bathed in white light, having to change the temperature to my liking. Now, I had the ability to color the light itself, saving me time and sanity in the postproduction process.

The day I shot fire was supposed to shoot a model I had worked with before. Unfortunately, she cancelled after I set everything up. It took about an hour to set all of the lighting up, so I wasn’t about to take it down and not get the shot.

After a lot of tweaking and testing in both production and postproduction, I really liked the look and decided to continue with water, and possibly move on from there.

Your favourite element:
I’d have to say it’s very difficult for me to choose my favorite element, but I am leaning towards water. I basically grew up swimming and would love nothing more than to go scuba or snorkeling all day (with my camera, of course).
What are you going to do next?
I have two very exciting personal projects coming up. I don’t want to give too much away, of course, but I can tell you that one will be creepy yet cool and involve photography, and the other will be fashion-based and be a lot of fun to see but a big challenge to make. Stay tuned. wink


Where to follow your work?

You can follow my most up-to-date work at my personal website. I can also be found on Behance and Facebook.



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